Thursday, June 04, 2009

potpourri of randomness

on the forefront of this week, jillian michaels is still kicking my tail. i've yet to do a 2nd day of shredding, but there's hope for tomorrow. i did walk pepper this morning and managed to do that without limping. but i still "oomphf" when getting in and out of chairs. my quads, my quads...

i love fun, cute summertime sandals. especially these that i found at payless earlier this week.

the last couple of nights, i've been out late doing youth group stuff, planning for the summer and for next school year. there will be lots of changes and exciting new programs going on. though i wasn't able to commit to a week of camp or any events like that, i have signed up for kingsfest, which includes rollercoasters and some awesome bands like switchfoot, david crowder, hawk nelson and newboys. should be awesome!

saturday is the launch for the palm pre, a phone that justin has been eyeing for quite a while now. apparently, we will be staking out a couple of stores and potentially driving to other cities to find these suckers. which i'm okay with, cause it means i finally (possibly!) get one of these, too. twitter, watch out when i get a full qwerty keyboard. okay, and just cause it has some major "wow, that's cool" moments, i have to share this video from the e3 (electronics entertainment expo) conference this week where the xbox people shared their next big project. seriously, you have to watch this. this is not just for the tech/gamer geeks out there.


and finally, we picked up pepper's patriotic gear tonight, solely because i was afraid they would run out before the 4th of july. doesn't she look cute?

alright, was that random enough for you?

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