Wednesday, October 26, 2005

halfway there...

so it's been a bit of a crazy week so far. but it's halfway over. thank goodness :)

so we knew it was too good to be true that the dance went as smoothly as we thought. sure enough, there was an incident with one of my love triangles where the girl slapped the ex-boyfriend. and as a result, there has been a fallout between the 8th and 9th grade to the point where we're going to have to do an intervention with the girls of both grades to smooth out some of the issues. my mind goes back to the scene in the gym from "mean girls", and i'm tempted to show that clip to intro our discussion tomorrow, but i'll most likely just stick to the basics. should be quite an experience.

faculty/student volleyball game yesterday afternoon--so much fun :) we surprised the students by having the faculty dress up in hip hop atheltic gear and running out to our own theme song, but i capitalized on my lack of athletic experience and ran out late in every piece of sports equipment i could find, including shin guards, a catcher's mask and a lacrosse stick. got a big laugh, and my "state of confusion" continued on the court as i attempted to play volleyball against our school's B team. We beat the A team in the first game, and lost to the B team and the A team again in the last two games. i only played in the B game, and they wanted to put me in the second A game, but they were saying, "okay, let's take it to them," and i said, "then you don't want to put me in cause i wasn't trying to lose out there. it just kinda happened!" all in all, i had fun and now have an oakwood jersey with my nickname "red hot" on the back. oh yeah...

we played the most amusing homemade game on monday night at young adults. you take a stack of index cards or small sheets of paper. everyone gets the same number of cards, and the number of cards equals the number of people you have playing. the more people, the better. (ex. we had 9 people playing, so we each had a stack of 9 cards). you write a word, any word, on the top card. flip over your entire stack and pass it to the person next to you. they take the card with the word you wrote and put it at the back of the pile. on the top card, they draw a picture of the word you just wrote. then they flip over the stack and pass it to the next person, who only sees the picture. they look at the picture, put it at the back of the pile, and write the word that they think the picture is describing. so on and so forth until you get the pile back with the word you wrote or the picture you think describes your word on top. then you get to see the crazy progression between words and pictures as the stack went around the circle. we laughed so hard at some of our drawings and some of the words that resulted from them. when you have guys giving words like "exhaust manifold" or attempting to draw objects like "sausage", it just gets funny. you get to see how "grinch" becomes "santa claus" (and passed through "gnome", "elf" and "dwarf") or how "chuck amato" becomes "rob" (or "joe" becomes "life preserver"). use it at your next get-together. you won't regret it.

fall festival on friday night--i'm face painting. ecu homecoming game on saturday--justin and i are going (and the band will be doing another costumed show, should be entertaining!). trunk or treat at church on sunday--i think i'm face painting again and decorating the trunk of my car to hand out candy. and halloween is actually monday, and who knows what i'm doing then. yup, busy weekend ahead.

that's it for right now...feels like fall (or in some cases, winter) but i'm loving it.

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