Sunday, October 23, 2005

so it was definitely...

a fabulous weekend :)

here's to an excellent middle school dance--complete with halloween decorations and tons of amusing costumes. i went as a 50's sock hop girl (easy enough with my swing dance stuff) but i had a great time with the rest of the faculty and the students. shona brought her 1st grade daughter skylar, and she had better moves than most of my 8th graders! the remainder of the evening was spent having dinner and relaxing with justin.

saturday was going to fayetteville and getting to watch parts of the cape fear high school competition. here's to seeing washburn for the first time in three years and getting to watch some great bands. we went and visited my grandma during the long dinner break but went back in time to see the BIG bands--southeast raleigh, southview, and clinton (and cape fear's exhibition show). definitely worth coming back--even when southview stole the 2004 blue devils show (summertime train blues). clinton did "sights, sounds and flavors" with themes like cayenne pepper and curry powder :) and cape fear had a good "seasons" show with one of my favorite numbers--appalachian spring. overall, great performances and it was wonderful to be able to sit with washburn in the stands to catch up during the breaks. oh, and i got to see plenty of clinton folk--i am a native, you know ;)

and this morning was introducing justin to hay street and all of the history there ("there's my pediatrician...and my 9th grade english teacher...and my great-uncle and aunt....") and having lunch before we headed back to greenville by way of clinton. i'm not planning on leaving greenville again during the weekend until probably thanksgiving, so it was great to see everyone before things get really busy. and they are going to get REALLY busy...

full week of work about to begin. time for some sleep!

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