Tuesday, October 18, 2005

a tuesday that feels like a monday

young adults last night--thumbs up, with many compliments on the food. i had real oven-baked baked potatoes (which created a bit of a haze but the results were well worth the smell) with all the toppings and a couple huge bowls of salad. enough leftovers for me to have lunch or dinner for the next couple of days and for a few people to take home plates. but overall, a fun evening and milo stole the show with plenty of cute, kitten antics. oh, and i got to show off my replay tv. if only i could get a kick-back for referring my friends...oh well!

today, the new lockers continue to be the main focus of my middle schoolers. a few of my skinny seventh graders have figured out that yes, they can fit into the lockers with the door shut, and my sixth grade girls are having fun decorating the inside of their lockers with magnetic mirrors and note pads and all of that stuff. yet others have decided that they can still leave their gym bags, purses, instruments and laptop cases out in the hallway (and some of the faculty just had a great time clearing the hallways and taking all of the extra stuff to the main office--i've thought of putting it in my office and charging the students 50 cents to return it!)

busy weekend coming up--will be stopping in at the middle school dance on friday night and then heading to fayetteville on saturday. washburn (my old high school band director) is bring his new high school band up to cape fear for the competition, and they're performing at 4 pm. i know that it's been 3 years since he left FTS, and that he hasn't done such a great job about keeping in touch (even when those of us who like to catch up with him send chronically un-replyed e-mails) but he did finally respond and let me know when his band was performing, so i will try to be there. hope some of you former bulldogs out there will be able to come, too!

oh, and a very happy ten month-iversary to my amazing boyfriend. i am happier and happier every day.

that's all for now :)

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