Thursday, October 13, 2005

technology update

so yesterday apple introduced their new iPod, along with several other newer versions of their iMac and iTunes store. being a novice apple user, i try to keep up with the latest gadgets--not necessarily buying into them, but atleast becoming knowledgable of their features so that when i do have the excess income to purchase one, i'll have a pretty good idea of what i want.
it is amazing the success apple has had over the past few years, taking the iPod (and the mp3 player in general) and turning it from a relatively unknown gadget that only the most techno-friendly people had to a very popular and very common household name. i've seen the nano (and honestly, it's so small that i know i would lose it or the cats would end up knocking it under the couch and i would never see it again), i love the color options of the mini, and the fact that i could download and watch an episode of desperate housewives on the newest iPod just baffles me. what will they come up with next?
last night at church, quite appropriately, we were studying the last chapter of 1 timothy, where the well-known verse, "for love of money is the root of all evil" comes from. and we were talking about contentment and how today's society promotes never being content with what we have, cause there is always something new out there that will out-perform and eventually replace whatever we have. the computer i'm currently typing on will be obselete in about 2 or 3 years, the TV that i just bought this summer won't be able to receive any cable channels AT ALL in 3 or 4 years because all of the signals will be sent in HD form, and the digital camera i'm looking at for christmas will lack the megapixels and features that will be available in just a year or so from now. when will it be okay to stop? i have turned into quite the techno-junkie, with my wireless cable internet, my addiction to my digital photos and my now-extrememly neceesary PVR that allows me to indulge in my favorite shows minus commecials and constricting time schedules. and i love this life-style, because it has spoiled me while also making me feel like part of the 21st century... but i think there will be a point where i have to draw the line and say, okay, this is enough. i just hope i will be able to recognize when that time comes :)

on a side note, it feels like fall. i love fall--i think it has always been my favorite season, but especially since high school. the cool friday nights at football games, the bus rides back home from an away game or competition, driving in the dark with a sky full of stars out in the country, just a few windows open to let the breeze blow just brings back some great memories and some very comforting feelings. i am so excited about going up to the mountains this weekend, to see the fall leaves and for justin to see the biltmore for the first time. it is an amazing architectural example of total extravagance and a family who just had so much money that they could create, well, pretty much a castle in the mountains of nc. should be a great trip (as long as i get rid of this cold that is plaguing me at the moment) anyways, here's to beautiful weather and a wonderful fall break :)

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