Saturday, November 08, 2008

coming home...

i guess for a resident of greenville, homecoming isn't that big of deal. we're always "home." but it is one of my favorite football weekends, and this one is looking like it will be awesome. i just wish the traffic wasn't as bad!

so i called up my social work alum friend jennifer to see if she was going to the parade. she, of course, wouldn't miss it, and since she now lives in my neighborhood, she just swung by to pick me up this morning. we checked to see if the college of human ecology/school of social work was having a breakfast (couldn't find it) and then found some friends by the entrance to campus with a great spot to watch the parade.

by the way, i would have a ton more pictures if it hadn't started raining just as the parade began. can't mess up the camera today, and i'm just praying the rain is out of here in time for kick-off!

so, me and jennifer before the parade started.

and my ECU marching pirates! yay!
the famous ECU drumline. now here's a question--which one of these is not like the other?

i'll give you some space to find it. c'mon, look closely. especially all of you marching band people. zoom in if you need to.

okay, how about this one? it narrows the range down a bit....

yes, the center snare is wearing brown leather boots, not black drillmasters! and it only took a second to figure out that it was will goodyear, the drum line instructor who has come back this year to work with the band. he was there my freshman.. and maybe sophomore?... year, and is just plain awesome. apparently had the need to fill in for center snare today. i'd like to hear the story behind that one...

and this afternoon (assuming the rain clears out) i will be able to take advantage of THIS

the much-anticipated, exciting sideline press pass! back on the field, baby. (and kudos to justin for taking the pic. i practiced the settings on him and then gave him the camera, and he got it on his first try!)

off to get some lunch and head over to the stadium. amazing (hopefully!) pics to follow!

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