Monday, November 24, 2008

quick post

--saturday was an awesome day. woke up, brewed fresh market "holiday rum cake" coffee and made cinnamon french toast. got ready, and picked up a friend for free (gift-certificate paid) pedicures at merle norman spa. hung out with the oakwood ladies, then went out to dinner with justin and ran some errands to target and the like. just an awesome day.

--sunday was busy busy. we're practicing for the Christmas program at church, and i'm singing with the choir. i love this and it has fulfilled the missing musical part of my life. i'm also helping out by playing parts on the piano when need be, and occasionally playing the pieces (if i can sight-read them fast enough.) the program is all about "caroling," so luckily we don't need accompaniment. we changed the key for one of the songs, though, and then i got to transpose parts in my head for the rest of that part. it was tough, but it used a part of my brain that i hadn't use in a long time and i LOVED it. it's so obvious that those parts of my brain used to be so developed, and it comes back so quickly when i need it. it's amazing how the brain works!

--we're getting everything ready for our trip up to west virginia. we'll be leaving early early wednesday morning and will be coming back on sunday. pepper will be coming with us, and she's all set for the trip. she got groomed today for the first time, and besides smelling much better, her coat is finally trimmed up. she doesn't look quite so ragamuffin and scruffy. i'll post pics soon.

--i've about given up on keeping track of tv shows. it seems like every time i start getting into a show, it gets canceled. sure enough, two of my regular shows "jumped the shark" in the past couple of weeks. both "lipstick jungle" and "dirty sexy money" have said that they're not coming back after this season. honestly, it's fine cause i'm having issues keeping up with my DVRed shows right now anyways. i am LOVING "the big bang theory"--any geeky, tech-oriented person would appreciate this sitcom. justin will watch it with me and points out the jokes or references that go right over my head. we've picked this one up with a regular fave, "how i met your mother," and i'm also thrilled that top chef is back on.

--with an eight hour (or more) car ride ahead of me, i was thinking i needed a book to get into. i'm also known for doing "research" to keep up with my adolescent counterparts (which gives me valid reasons to go see "high school musical 3" or read the latest "sisterhood of the traveling pants.") well, one of my coworkers has offered to loan me the first two books of the "twilight" series, and i'm really interested in seeing what all the fuss is about. not that i will necessarily feel compelled to go see the movie, but i'll at least be up to date. i've usually had a school library at my disposal, as well as a number of teachers' personal collections. i'm finding that i have to work a little bit harder to keep up with my teenage literature recommendations, but i'm still making an effort :)

--so excited to see holiday lights up. pepper and i went for a walk this evening, and i specifically chose our route based on the streets with the most decorations up. though it is a little odd to see all the twinkle lights up on one house, with the scarecrow and pumpkins still out at the next house. and you know the scarecrow and pumpkins are more appropriate, but you just can't help but notice the twinkle lights. after thursday, it will be the full-fledged holiday season, and hopefully our tree will be up by the middle of next week. i can't wait!

that's all for now. later, y'all.

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