Tuesday, November 18, 2008

random observations

*what is it with TLC finding these ginormous families? i'm a huge "jon and kate" fan, and i will admit that i've watched the duggar family specials for several years now. so they have their own series now, and they've added a "twins, twins and sextuplets" family as well (with several adorable redheads and a child with CP). at any rate, i just can't help it. i end up recording them and watching them because i find those huge families so fascinating.

*justin and i are five years apart. this means that from the late nineties on, we have very similar memories. but from the mid-nineties back, there are some major discrepancies. example: we typically record a syndicated sitcom to watch at our leisure. we've gone through "everybody loves raymond," "king of queens" and are now on "two and a half men." one episode had the main character becoming a famous children's singer, and he was watching a video of raffi singing, "we brush our teeth--chchchchchch." i immediately was able to jump in. justin looked at me like i was crazy. he asked, "you know who that is?" i immediately responded, "yes, it's raffi. 'baby beluga'? 'i like to eat eat eat apples and bananas'?" i could still sing the whole first verse of "baby beluga"--with hand motions. justin had no idea who he was.

i didn't even try "sharon, lois and bram."

(we have similar moments when we hear a pop song from the mid-nineties, and he talks about listening to it while driving around at senior spring break. i reminisce about dancing to it at my middle school dances.)

*i'm working on christmas shopping, and i'm so excited about the holidays coming up. i could seriously put up my christmas tree tonight. it will definitely go up as soon as we get back from thanksgiving.

*we saw snowflakes today! it is chilly chilly chilly outside, and will be for the next several days. we had chili last night, and i've got the makings for chicken and pastry later on this week. ultimate comfort food for this early shot of winter weather!

i think that's it for now.

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  1. HOORAY FOR RAFFI!!!! I loved it so much when I was little...the CD with "bumping up and down on my little red wagon" and "down by the bay" and "must be santa" was one of the first gifts my mama bought for Silas. We love it.

    Feeling ya on sharon, lois and bram too. skidamarinkidinkydink....