Wednesday, November 19, 2008

to tweet or not to tweet

i will admit, i have become much more blogging proficient. a great deal of this has to do with my husband. a large part has to do with patrice linking to mckmama's blog, where i fell into one story after another of amazing women out there, writing about their lives and creating a community of "bloggers."

then came google reader. awesome for keeping up with blog feeds, checking out "recommendations" and getting the most up-to-date posts.

and now...twitter. justin has been twittering for a while, and i've noticed more and more bloggers hopping on the twitter bandwagon (which means it's no longer just for the tech world, but also for the blogging amateurs out there :) )

it's like a running facebook status bar. and i love that. admittedly, that's my favorite part of facebook. the new feature where you can comment on people's statuses (stati?) is just awesome. so this is like that, but wider scope.

and--you can type in a keyword and bring up all the "tweets" written about that keyword in the few minutes. election night, it was crazy to watch the posts scroll by as people around world were putting their two cents out there. (also terribly amusing to see what some people had to say.)

so i'm on twitter. anyone else wanna join me? send me a tweet and we'll get this one going :)

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