Sunday, November 09, 2008

there's nothing quite like it...

as many of you know, bagwell field at dowdy ficklen stadium is not an unfamiliar spot for me. being in the marching pirates for three years allowed me to perform in probably close to 20 games, and it was always a thrill to go down for halftime. there's nothing quite like being a part of the halftime action...or so i thought.

having spent three and a half hours on the field yesterday as part of the game time action has proved me wrong. maybe i'm just a bit removed from it, with my five year hiatus from any field time at dowdy ficklen. maybe it was being a part of a different group, the photographers and videographers who are capturing the moments of the game. maybe it was my super cool press pass and "sideline" arm band that allowed me to come and go as i pleased. but overall, it was just being so close to the action that you had make sure you didn't get tackled :)

it's kinda early, so i don't see my photos up on yet. i'll post a link as soon as they're up, and there should be plenty. i had barely narrowed it down to 120, and then i kept cutting as i was uploading. (by the way, totally kicking myself for not getting the names of the homecoming court. didn't they publicize this in the past? i searched the entire east carolinian site and ECU site and couldn't find them. grrr.....)

*edit--photos are now up*

i'm sharing a few of my favorites here, and there are more up on flickr as well if you want to check them out.

the new pee dee! digging the outfit, but the skin color and smile is kinda creepy...
love love love love this.
this one, too. (though the light isn't as good here, it was overexposed and i tried to fix it by doing it in b&w.)

was also thrilled that it would be a sunset game so i could get some shots like this.
touchdown! we won, by the way. 19-16 in overtime.
my marching pirates :)
couldn't resist. might keep it in full color, though. undecided. what do you think?

alright, it'll be a busy day today with lots to get done. regular sunday chores and activities. better get started :) later, y'all.

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