Thursday, May 06, 2010

graduation week

it's graduation week here for our college students, which means starting this morning, our little city will be overflowing with family members and friends coming to celebrate. and then they'll leave, taking all of the college students with them. and then it'll be summer and traffic will be significantly better and we all love this time of year :)

at work, we had four co-workers who have finished their masters degrees, and because a couple of them are traveling over the weekend (instead of going to their graduation ceremony) we decided to have a party for them and help them celebrate early!
we had it on tuesday, the day before "cinco de mayo" and one of our co-workers said it would be a fun idea to make it a "cuatro de mayo" party. so it was a graduation party with a "fiesta" flair.

our graduates checking out the spread--we had some delicious dips, mexican rice and salad!
and everyone else coming in to join the party. we also had "pomp and circumstance" playing in the background, particularly for those who wouldn't be making it to their graduation ceremonies.
and finally, our four graduates! so proud of them and the hard work that they've put in!

a few more things before the weekend--have you seen this commercial?

after seeing it for the 2nd or 3rd time, i had to go to the website to actually check out this camera. and i think it's my new "tiny camera crush." yes, i salivate over DSLR lenses and external flashes, but i also have a tiny camera that stays in my purse all the time. and it's lovely and perfect for the job i need it to do--but wow. that's a cool camera.

this feature got to me:

Shooting high-contrast scenes can often lead to washed out backgrounds and/or details lost in shadow. Backlight Correction HDR helps correct for this by taking two pictures at different exposure settings and processing the best elements of both into a single image for more natural looking shots.

and this one:

Intelligent Scene Recognition (iSCN) Mode automatically detects nine different types of scenes and, within just 1/30th of a second, selects the appropriate camera settings: Backlight, Backlight Portrait, Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Twilight using a tripod, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, and Close Focus. iSCN has two modes: Auto and Advanced. In Auto Mode, the camera takes a single shot using the optimal settings. In Advanced Mode, the camera takes a photo with the optimal settings and, if in difficult lighting (low light or back light) immediately takes a second photo with another optimized setting so you can choose which to keep.

and of course, the panoramic feature AND it shoots HD quality video.


okay, on to other stuff.

friday night lights comes back on tonight! this is one of the best shows out there, and if you're not watching it, you should be. (you should start from the beginning, but it's still worth watching.)

while i'm headed off to a youth conference, justin will be going to see "ironman 2" with one of his friends. but i do hope to go see it with him sometime soon. of all the action movies i've watched with him, i have to say that ironman was one that i truly enjoyed. yes, it has lots of explosions and fight scenes and everything that the guys enjoy--but the last one was so funny and well-written and just an entertaining movie. i'm hoping as much for this one, too!

anyone else have big plans for the weekend?