Sunday, May 16, 2010

a wicked weekend

so i know it's been a few days since i posted, but man, it's been a crazy busy week and weekend! forgive me for the the delay :)

i have finally started to get caught up with all of my photo editing and feel better about my work flow in general. one thing that we had to change was my work station--we had a black, wooden chair at my desk at first, and that was just not working for my long editing sessions. justin also likes to use the big monitor for playing video games, so we invested in a comfy office chair with plenty of cushioning and support. much better! let me share a few from some recent sessions that i edited, and i have four or five more from both of these shoots in my flickr set that you can check out.

adorable riley with her mom stephanie and daddy travis.
and the wedding photos are done for brittany and brian's wedding!
i have a few more to get done this week, but by the end of the week, i should be pretty well caught up. woo hoo!

on friday evening, we headed to raleigh/durham for an evening with my family. my brother and his wife have season tickets for the DPAC broadway series, and it was the last weekend for wicked!
i have been wanting to see this musical for such a long time! when we saw that it was coming last year, we started planning and got tickets for all of us to see it.

(they also are planning to get season tickets for next year, and i'm tempted to try and make it to "the lion king" or "in the heights." that last one has been on my list since i saw the 2008 tony awards performance--where they won best new musical, of course--and i saved the DVR recording to show justin that "this is what musicals can look like, too!")

(had to include the video.)

this performance was just amazing, though. i had heard the soundtrack before and tried to make it through the book, but only got halfway through. so i was still surprised by some of the plot twists and was simply amazed by the costume designs, sets and lighting. the closing number of act 1, "defying gravity," had some of the best lighting i'd ever seen that created just...a truly striking scene.
oh.... so good.

i stayed overnight at alan and rachel's house so i could get up the next morning and photograph brooke and matt's wedding in nearby wendell. i can now share some of her bridal portraits that we did back in march on the waterfront in downtown washington. it was the middle of the day with full sunlight, so i favored black and white and a 70's faded editing style to help mask the blown out areas.

the wedding was gorgeous and i was glad to have some natural light to work with during the ceremony! the last two weddings before this were in buildings with no windows, and saturday's wedding had lots of windows and great lighting. it was nice not to rely on my flash the whole time (even though i did leave my tripod at the church--time to get a new one, i guess!)

after finishing up mid-afternoon, i headed back home and crashed. such a long day to be on my feet! but i have one more scheduled for next weekend (a short and sweet wedding early in the morning) and then i'm off until july (for weddings) giving me plenty of time to catch up on other stuff :)

and today has been a typically sunday--sang in church, enjoyed a nice lunch out with lindsey, jeremy and megan, and then while justin did yardwork, i did a few loads of laundry and got the groceries for the week. i think we're ready to start the week!