Tuesday, May 25, 2010

while i was ironing tonight...

(my productive task for the evening--last night it was photo editing) i decided to watch a movie on our netflix streaming. justin was focused on his latest video game, so i knew i could choose one that only i would enjoy. i love netflix's wide range of documentaries, and i went with one that had been in the queue for a while--the business of being born. it had even more relevance now than when we had added it to our "must see" list.

i was a little concerned that some of the birth scenes might be too much, but was pleasantly surprised. except for the c-section scenes (i still don't like the blood and seeing insides) the birth scenes were really pretty tame, in my opinion (but does include nudity, just letting you know.) and i think what was surprising was how natural and amazing the home birth scenes were--like that's how it was supposed to be.

i'll be honest, a lot of my reading online from other blogs has made me interested in (not that it's necessarily what i plan on doing, but i at least want more information) natural births, options for birth procedures and vaccination schedules, and just learning as much as i can about what else is out there. this movie does a great job of explaining how the medical community has turned what once was a very natural process to a "business" where 99% of our births take place in a hospital, and nearly 1 out of 3 births is a c-section. in the rest of the world, 70-80% of births are home births with midwives--and those countries have lower infant and mother mortality rates than the U.S.

this clip is one that really got to me...

now i'm certainly not a medical person--or even an experienced mom. i have no clue what i'm talking about here. but i like anything that shows me there are other options and other opinions and more information out there to be heard.

anyone else watched the movie? thoughts?

on a quick note, the baby sounded great on friday and heart rate was at 162 bpm! the ultrasound is scheduled for about 3 weeks from now--super excited! and i've had a couple of instances where i think i've possibly felt something, but not positive. i wish it was easier to know :)

(i should have a real post eventually, with edited photos to share from recent sessions.)