Sunday, March 05, 2006

in like a lion...

out like a lamb. waiting for that lamb part--we got a taste of it this past week, and it's gonna be a greeeeeat spring.

after completing an extremely successful routine to "respect", i put my colorguard on the task of finding a new song for our next performance. between my 5 (yup, i got one more) 7th grade girls, we had a tough time finding one that they'd all agree on. and when it came down to making the decision, the only one that fit the bill was---"whip it", that crazy 80's song by the band devo. now being a child of the late 80's, i can understand the pleasure of this song and how much fun it must be to my 12 year old girls. however, from a choreography standpoint: it's extremely fast, it follows no basic "verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus" pattern, and it also goes into like 6/8 or 3/2 or something crazy there in the middle. so i sent them back to the drawing board and then finally came up with one on my own. so now i'm listening to "what i like about you" by the romantics about once a day to come up with our new routine. the girls love it, and we learned some new tosses that i'm going to add in there. oh yeah.

middle school drama wears me out. i know i was probably this complicated when i was younger, but it just seems more emotionally draining now. i still love my job, though. (in case you were wondering.)

we watched "walk the line" tuesday night. great movie, very much in the same category as "ray" where you can just see how the music and the musician take shape. i joked around that i would love an accent like reese witherspoon has in the movie. i have had so many comments over the years that i emerged from the south relatively accent-free and only in certain settings (or around certain people) does the accent actually come out. even then, it's not really noticable except with certain words. like "country"--ironically enough.

friday night was the 9th grade sponsored "pizza/bingo" night, meant to be a fundraiser for the freshmen trip to NYC. they were about halfway to their $3,000 goal before friday, and after selling pizza, bingo cards, taking in donations for haircuts (yes, a mom was there doing haircuts--i got one and she was fabulous and evened out some of my crazy layers) and taking in bail money for the basketball coach who was "put in jail"--they surpassed their goal. it was great to be a part of that and help out. i was actually the one counting all the money as it came in, so to be able to give them that news was exciting. i so enjoy being there for those school events. i understand how some teachers need that distinction between free time and school time and to put in extra hours at school with those activities can be hard. but i learn so much from those events and parents get to see me in a more relaxed setting and it's just nice to be able to relate to the kids on a different level. so until i get burned out (or become involved in my own family) i'll be there for those dances and festivals and fundraisers and such.

every now and then, when i'm at the grocery store, i'll pick up a pack of 5 catnip mice for $2. cheap enough for an occasional treat that grace and milo can enjoy. they don't last long, though, because about 2 hours after i've put them out on the floor, all 4 or 5 mice seem to be gone and nowhere to be found. well, justin noticed that milo seemed to be pawing under the couch for something, so he lifted it up and we discovered a stash of about a dozen mice and other cat toys under there. even after we got them out, they continued to lose them under the couch. so now, there are rolled-up t-shirts lining the front end of the couch and the chance for the mice to stay out in the living room has significantly increased. silly cats.

saturday, after running errands and doing some shopping, justin and i decided maybe it was warm enough to get some fresh air. so i directed him to outside of winterville to a little place where i had been once before. yup, the daffodil field. the weather around here has made our daffodils bloom early, and this little grove of trees and flowers was no different. i had fun taking some pictures (which you can see all of them here) but i thought i'd put a couple up. those of you who don't know the story of the daffodil field--about three years ago (wow, that long?), linda, jessica and i went out to the daffodil field to take pictures of us to put in our brand new apartment we were getting that fall. it was a beautiful day and we ended up with some awesome pictures--BUT all three of us ended up with poison ivy in some form or another on our bodies. i was particularly concerned because i had a formal event in about 2 weeks that i had to be ready for. so i was careful yesterday to avoid any suspicious looking plants (plus it was chilly so i was well covered.)

last night's excitement came from #15 UNC beating #1 duke 1) at cameron 2) on senior night 3) right before the ACC tournament. first time they won at duke in 5 years, first time they won at duke on senior night in 10 years. i was never so proud of my tarheels (even though they let duke score 8 points in 51 seconds with 2:30 left in the game--talk about trying to give me a heart attack!)

and finally, the oscars tonight. the oscars, the golden globes and the emmy's are like my superbowl, world series and nba finals. i can name the nominees, i can tell you who is predicted to win, and who should win even though they won't. i watch them all the way through, and i will be able to tell you the next day about what celebrity wore what dress and whose hair was just way too much for their outfit. oh yes, it will be a good night tonight.

that's about it for now. later, y'all.

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