Sunday, March 12, 2006

sunburn in march?

oh yes, it's possible. aloe has once again become my new best friend.

it's the end of a gorgeous weekend, with 80 degree temperatures and lots of sunshine. hence the aloe. but i spent as much time outside as possible enjoying every possible moment. we had our first picnic of the spring out at the town commons saturday for lunch, and went from there back to the daffodil field to take pictures of carter and sadie, jennifer's (from work) kids. we decided that she would just pay me back by buying dinner at the next book club, and it's helping build a growing collection of great photos. i even put in a package for our school auction offering an hour photo shoot. we'll see how that goes in a couple of weeks... at any rate, we came out with some excellent excellent pictures. click on the website to the right to see them all...
so it's spring break for all of the college kids here. my spring break won't come until april. but that's just a few weeks away now, so it'll be here before i know. tentative plans so far? going to see linda up in virginia beach for a couple of days and... that's about it. let me know if you have any ideas :)

first softball practice of the season today (more aloe). it looks like i will be splitting time between catcher and right field this season, which is fine with me. i still hate batting and opted to have my first batting price of the season at the local batting cages instead of embarrassing myself infront of the team today. i just stress out at batting. amy, the p.e. coach at work, has offered to help me as well, so hopefully it'll all come together and i'll feel more confident about batting. but until then--i just don't like it!

that's really all i can think of right now. so... later, y'all.

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