Monday, March 13, 2006

odd bits...

i always buy fruit in pieces of three. not grapes and strawberries, of course, but apples, bananas, pears, oranges--always three.

i don't mind washing clothes, and i don't even mind folding them. i hate putting them up. i'll let them collect in large, folded piles in my laundry basket or on my floor before i'll get around to putting them up.

i leave shoes everywhere. that's one of the benefits to living by myself.

i could not live without my replaytv. it is the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful piece of technology invented.

i always secretly wish i was at the beach. no matter what the weather.

i could eat cereal for any meal of the day. maybe not all three meals in one day, but it is an excellent alternative.

acoustic guitar is my favorite sound, seconded only by really really good piano.

i've been drinking diet sodas for so long that real soda is just too sugary and thick for me. but every now and then, i'll get a craving for it and have to have a "shot" of it (or maybe a sip.)

okay, now that's it :)

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