Tuesday, January 13, 2009

doggie class, week 2

we had our 2nd basic obedience class last night. since i did the class last week, justin took this week. we had our regular teacher back, who i recognized from one of the marley fund auctions that i covered for the reflector. pepper was distracted, per usual, and had a particularly tough time with "down-stay." she was the practice dog with the teacher and popped up about 15 times before she finally stayed down for 2 seconds and was praised. it's going to take us a while to get this straight.

she also got groomed on sunday and we bought a new harness, which has made all the difference when we go for walks. rather than pulling the whole time and choking herself, she actually seems to respond better to the tugs for correction.

alright, enough about pepper. can we get to the main event in our household?

it would be....


can i even begin to describe how excited i am about the super bowl? not necessarily because it could involve justin's team (the steelers) but because IT IS THE END OF FOOTBALL SEASON.

i reach this point every year around this time. so sick of football that i'm just done. between playoffs, bowl games and the "big" game, it's football overload. and so the super bowl party ends up being a celebration of it being THE END more than anything else.

that's my two cents.

we're planning on heading up to the mountains this weekend to enjoy some brisk moutain air and gorgeous views from pete and mary's river house. we'll be able to visit with them and my cousins and aunts while we're up there, so we're excited about getting that family time as well.

finally, i'm excited about our youth group starting back up and several new program and events to look foward to. we have an awesome mentoring program that will be great for building relationships within the group, and a couple of fun retreats coming up. good times!

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