Sunday, January 18, 2009

mountain weekend

i feel like the last couple of posts have been lacking something... mainly, pictures.

this post will make up for it.

i go through phases with my photography, and i've been through a low point lately. not really inspired by much, very few photo jobs, and lacking the motivation to go out and find something. this weekend brought some of that energy back, though, with gorgeous landscape and some fun spots to photograph.

i also loved having a weekend away with my wonderful husband. we dropped pepper off with the laws, gave the cats a boat-load of food and water, and we were off. the fact that we had no responsibilities--and very little planned as far as our itinerary--made a nice change of pace for our relaxing get-away.

so, in pictures, here's what we did.

we drove along the parkway and stopped at numerous overlooks, braving the cold to get some awesome pictures.

it was worth it.
my west virginia husband loved driving the mountain roads. it felt like home to him.
i loved taking the pictures.
we saw some of the local wildlife, even though we couldn't go see the animals at grandfather mountain. everything was closed!

we could see the mile high swinging bridge from a distance, though.

and drove over the linn cove viaduct, with pictures taken from a distance. the visitors center was closed with the driveway blocked off by metal gates, and my adventurous husband actually suggested parking in front of the gate and walking down the driveway to get a better picture. needless to say, i suggested that that was stupid.
we also stopped at the original mast general store in valle crucis. and thought about playing checkers with rc cola and a&w root beer caps.
but decided instead to get some candy from the candy barrel, some way-discounted "life is good" stuff, and some apple butter for our wonderful dog-sitters.

we went tubing! which, by the way, is so less-stressful than skiing. no ski boots that make your ankles feel weird, no skis to trip over, and no chair lift to fall off of. it was awesome!

(that's justin in the middle)

we loved spending the afternoon outside, and it was actually quite comfortable walking around. we were ready to take our coats off by the time our session was over!
chair lifts=not cool. carpet "people mover" lifts=totally cool.

finally, we got to enjoy some beautiful scenery. i do love a good mountain sunset.and fun icicle-covered water wheels.
but my favorite picture? this barn with an absolutely gorgeous design on the front. it just popped out to me as we drove past on the way to the river house. i loved it and had to take picture when we went back by it the next day.

a close up of the design. it reminds me of quilt patterns, especially the detailed amish or mennonite patterns.

we had a great time at dinner with pete and mary last night, and we cannot say enough "thank yous!" for their wonderful hospitality. it was just the weekend away that we needed.

now it's back to reality. that includes work, finishing my LCSW case study, and keeping our fingers crossed that the steelers win tonight. please, let them win tonight. i'm not sure my ears can take it otherwise.

last but not least, one of the blogs that i follow, kelly's korner, needs prayer. this woman is amazing, and after two years of infertility, she and her husband welcomed their daughter harper into the world on friday. harper isn't doing too well, though, and if you're the praying type--lift her up today. she is truly inspirtational and a fabulous Southern woman to boot!

that's all for now. later, y'all.

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