Thursday, January 08, 2009

doggie class

so we had our first class on monday evening at top dog academy. drake was our teacher, filling in for our regular teacher, kristen, who was sick. we met with drake during our consultation, and he was great, so it was nice to see a familiar face who was already aware of our issues.
in the class, we have:
a french bulldog named lotus
a tiny tiny yorkie maybe? named baxter. he probably weighs 3 lbs at the most.
a border collie or some sort of herder breed named charlie
a king charles spaniel named webster
and a brother and sister pair of yellow lab/golden retriever mix named chloe and rooster.

chloe and rooster are apparently very dependent on one another and have to be separated during the class. that doesn't stop them from whining and "talking" to each other through out the entire class, though.

baxter has a napoleon complex. little tiny dog that thinks he's in charge.

lotus can cry like a baby. i'd heard of french bulldogs doing this before, but never actually heard it in person. it sounds like just a human baby crying.

and pepper... well, pepper was a mess. she wanted to do nothing more than bite and yank her leash. and when you're trying to get her to sit, or stay, or walk nicely beside you, biting the leash does not work. we spent a lot of time on the ground, doing the "no bite" technique that they taught us. the trainer, very politely, said to us, "she's a little dog with a big personality!"

yes. yes, we know.

it's been a very busy week for us at work, with several new clients starting up soon and tons of paperwork to be done. i feel like i've gotten a lot done, though, and we kept up a great pace over the vacation.

i've also made it to the gym twice this week, and will shoot for one more visit tomorrow morning. feels good to be back :)

and i leave you with a picture of our dog that thinks she's a cat. we've noticed she has picked up several traits that you only see with cats. licking her paws and cleaning her face, climbing along the back of the couch and curling up on top of the cushions to take a nap. it's weird. we know.

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  1. hey....yes...I want you to be in that meeting. But i totally forgot to email you. I just didn't add your name. that's all. I did a facebook invite. When I saw you I thought "oh shoot! i wanted you here if you wanted to be here"

    The meeting was just to start hammering out some details on how the mentoring is going to work and stuff. It was actually a great meeting. haha.

    We decided to meet again next week durring second service(2nd not 1st just to clarify) and if you can come I'd love it.