Friday, January 30, 2009


it has been one crazy week around our house.

we've started up a couple of new client families with our team, and the process of getting started has been tough. we've also had just some complicated, frustrating, exhausting situations with the families. i won't get into details, but just know that i'm worn out and have never been so glad to have a break than i am this weekend (even if i am on crisis phone duty.)
at the same time, i'm helping to start up the new team and help maria, the new team leader, learn the paperwork and the office routine. i'm really excited about having a new team and getting to know her better.

we also got the difficult news on monday night that my cat from home, misty, had passed away. she was 18 years old and had been getting worse, with pretty much all of her hearing gone and a lot of weight loss. i've been trying to find a photo of her here, but haven't been able to place one yet. she will be missed and i know it'll be quite an adjustment to go home next weekend and not have her there. we'll be heading to fayetteville for my birthday celebration, which as usual, includes a show at CFRT (west side story this year) and dinner with the family.

the big story, though, is this sunday. the super bowl. with the steelers playing. it will be a big time at our house, and we're going to host our small group from church. i gave justin the choice of whether or not we had people over, and he promises to be on his best behavior regardless of how the game goes. we'll put on a big pot of chili, have rock band set up in the game room, and hopefully watch the steelers pull off the first "six pack" of super bowl championships. of course, if you're in town and want to come over and watch the game--the more the merrier! just as long as you're pulling for the steelers...

i think i have found a solution to my "many hours in the car" issue. i've been trying to find some options for books on tape, and the libraries around here don't seem to carry as many audio books as i'd thought. there are services online where i could download books to my ipod, but they are fairly expensive because you essentially have to buy the recording. we had dinner at cracker barrel tonight, and it hit me--they have a great selection of audio books, and give an almost-full refund when you return them. so i will definitely be checking them out to make some of my nearly hour-long drives back and forth a little more productive.

and i have my first photo job in over a month tomorrow night. the school of music scholarship gala--be looking for it on sunday at! honestly, i've enjoyed the break. my rule of "no mid-week photo jobs" has made my schedule much more managable, and i've enjoyed the weekend trips and holiday celebrations without getting so stressed out.

that's all for now. go steelers!

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