Sunday, February 01, 2009

pre-game post

so it's finally that day....

a celebration of the two top teams in the league (and in my case, the beginning of having my husband back on sundays, monday nights and some thursdays or saturdays--during playoffs, of course.)

i had a realization this week, as my husband and my former roommate commiserated about watching games on their own because no one else understood how important it was and continued to bother them with trivial things, like talking. or eating. or watching commercials.

i spent two years avoiding the apartment during steelers games because linda enjoyed yelling at the television. quite similarly to my husband. i would slowly open the apartment door and peek my head in, judging whether it was safe to enter or if i was taking my life in my own hands.

and here i am again. terrible towel and all.

but the last steelers superbowl victory was on my birthday, and i considered that to be a positive omen. like i'm a good luck charm, by default.

so we're hosting our church small group over at the house (totally justin's choice--he has promised to be on his best behavior) and we're getting everything ready for the big game.

like my cupcake tree, complete with black and gold frosted cupcakes.

and even pepper has found her own terrible towel. (alright, it's really an old washcloth that i cut in half, but she looks cute.)
and us? well, we've got the steelers coasters, mugs and steins out on display. i'm even curious if the teddy bear (yes, a steelers-clothed bear) will come out. i imagine the football will, and maybe even the "real" terrible towel that's up in the game room. we're wearing our steelers shirts and buckling ourselves in for what should be an awesome game (with the blanket behind us on the couch, of course.)
here we go steelers! and at least if they lose, we can go ahead and put in a prayer request for justin's mood over the next few days...

(no, seriously. they'll win, right? they've gotta win...)

go steelers!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the halftime show!

    It's not the Steel Curtain, but, it was the best ballgame we've seen in a while. The Steelers of the '70s were a very special group, but this year's version will go down in history as the "Six-pack" team.

    And that halftime show was "Super" in and of itself--you know how much I love Bruce.

    So, I have to say that both the game and the halftime show made for a wonderful night, and a nice end to a nice beach weekend, too.

    Hope you and Justin know that the exuberance is even stronger when we think of you two and your brother and Rachel. Thankfully we can still "work on a dream" as a family.

    Now, let's get the Tarheels over the national championship "hump"!

    Seeya next weekend, birthday girl.