Thursday, February 05, 2009

post super-bowl/birthday post

so after the big win, we were tired.

we loved having everyone over, eating some chili and watching the steelers pull off a nail-biting win! way to keep the game exciting, guys. almost gave me a heart attack. justin said i was almost more nervous than he was. i explained that it was because i would have to deal with him if they lost!

by the way, he has yet to purchase anything from the or steelers store, but i'm sure packages will begin arriving soon.

it's been a somewhat hectic week for me, with full days at work and busy evenings as well. i knew it would be pretty crazy, but my schedule just has not worked out for many nice relaxing evenings at home.

with my birthday this week, justin had asked what i wanted to do to celebrate. unfortunately, i scheduled my client that lives an hour away for that afternoon (without consulting my calendar, obviously) so i knew it would be at least 7 by the time i got home. justin usually gets home around 6:30, so he was going to grill steaks and fix dinner for me.

of course, it was 7:30 before both of us got home and neither of us felt like cooking. so we hit up the chinese buffet and settled in for my ideal birthday evening...
a glass of wine and some cupcakes from "your perfect cake." the smell of the frosting is still hanging in the air.

but we had to sing first so i could blow out the candle and make my *wish*
and i will continue celebrating this weekend in fayetteville with my family. excited about seeing everyone and getting to do some shopping at home :)

and finally, cause these never get old...

this bunny lasted less than 24 hours.

she keeps going for the eyes. i'm not quite sure i understand that.

that's all for now. thanks for my birthday wishes, everyone!

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