Saturday, February 28, 2009

update on jonah

matt and patrice updated their blog last night after getting to brenner's and speaking with one of the doctors there. though it is a relief that we may finally have a diagnosis, there are so many prayers we want to lift up as they determine the severity of jonah's case and the best way to proceed from here.

i'm heading back to the hospital in a little bit and am not quite sure what the plans are for today or whether or not i'm heading back to greenville yet. patrice will be discharged from forsyth soon and then our focus will turn to the NICU at brenner's. we just ask for prayers and support for everyone involved with this family. there is a facebook group that has been created to show what a huge team of support we have behind matt, patrice and jonah. i've also tried to contact other "big name" blogs to see if we can get the word out to them and encourage all of their readers to pray as well. we've seen so many miracles worked and i just hope so much that jonah can be one of them.

not sure if there will be pictures today, but i'll post as i can.


  1. Anne Conover10:17 AM

    I know a HUGE name blog and I am posting a prayer request immediately!

  2. MckMama just twittered about them on her blog too. I contacted her yesterday. We have all been praying for Stellan for a long time, so hopefully those prayer warriors will start praying for Jonah!!

  3. Besides MckMama's Blog have you contacted Angie Smith of
    I know she would be happy to get the word out about baby Jonah. I am just a "lurker" on the Williams Family Blog, but their story has really touched me and I pray for peace and health for them.