Tuesday, February 10, 2009

random bits

so we had our 2nd to last dog class yesterday, and we were reminded that next week is our final "exam" and graduation--assuming we all pass the exam, i guess.

we are encouraged to bring friends, loved ones and cameras to document the occasion. we can also get treats for all of the dogs in the class, as well as "people treats" to share at our celebration afterwards.

(the amusing thing about this--i do not know a single person's first name in this class. we just know each other as "insert dog name here's parents." as proven by last friday night, when we saw french bulldog's lotus' parents at the local sheetz. said hello, asked about the dogs, went on with our friday night plans. no clue what their names are.)

so i'm thinking an outfit is in order...

this is one is a "one size fits all" deal. love the hat, and the fact that the bandana has little diplomas and mortar boards in the design.

or maybe something a little more casual? i mean, we wouldn't want to come overdressed. what an obedience school faux pas. but it is an evening ceremony...
ah, yes. i can just see our proud graduate now... we have a winner!
(just kidding. kinda. it is only $10....)

on a completely different note, i had a unique experience at the gym today. since my office is right across the street from the gym, i bring my clothes and shower there. it is a matter of convenience, and i don't mind the whole "shower at the gym" thing, especially since i bring my own towel and shower flip flops. i'm not that far removed from dorm life to forget the essentials.

now, i will say that i do not consider myself a prude. i can handle touchy topics and situations quite delicately. i even took on the task of heading up the health programs at my last school, and was proud of the responses i got from students and parents alike. i would have never dreamed of teaching those classes, but i did and i did it well. without too much blushing.

i am, however, modest. i understand that it is normal for many women to change in the middle of a locker room without a care in the world--but not for me. i keep to my own little corner, often bringing my clothes into the shower area and changing there afterwards. i then head out into the "mirror" area to dry my hair and put on my make-up.

today, as i'm putting the curl stuff in my hair and working on my make-up, out comes an older woman. i would easily say in her mid-60's, but i would hate to jump to conclusions. late 50's at the least (and this says nothing about all of you fabulous late 50's ladies i have reading my blog. i'm just saying she was older.) she is all wrapped up in her medium-sized gym towel and asks me if she could turn off the oscillating fan that is on the wall. i said sure, if you'd like, and she says, "oh, good. it's so drafty in here!" at which point she drops the towel and begins drying off and (eek!) takes her time applying lotion.

at which point i became engrossed in my mascara and decided i could go to the office with wet curly hair if it meant not having to return to the hair dryer that was conveniently located on the other side of her (and dry my hair while trying to avert my eyes from the mirror and her general area as she was slathering on lotion.)

my curls turn out better if they air-dry anyways.

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