Thursday, February 12, 2009

things you learn...

while waiting to have a client committed to a psych hospital:

-even though you're in the emergency room and you expect things to be really hectic and fast-paced and crazy, it's a lot of waiting. like... A LOT of waiting. in our case, eight hours.

-always bring a jacket. or else you'll end up going out and buying one. they like to keep those waiting rooms chilly.

-this is even more so the case when it's 75 degrees outside in february. eastern NC doesn't know how to respond to that.

-a book is helpful, too.

-the emergency room is not used to seeing a client and parent being accompanied by all three treatment team members. and someone from DSS. that tends to throw them off a bit.

-but it does make the multi-hour wait much more bearable.

-in order to work in the mental health department of the emergency room, i think you have to be a little "mental" yourself. but again, this makes the wait bearable and sometimes a little entertaining.

-and in the long run, when you know it's the best thing for the client, you're just glad there is an emergency room where you can take them.

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