Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fun stories

we celebrated my friend heather's birthday at work yesterday. it was a busy afternoon, and we had a cake with candles, though we didn't treat her to our singing :) christie was determined to light all of the candles with matches, rather than lighting one and then using that one candle to light the rest. it took us several minutes to get them lit!
as clients were coming in and out, we invited heather up to the front and had her blow out the candles. and she blew them out and we fanned away the smoke from our smoke detector, the candles re-lit themselves. and we weren't aware that they were relighting candles until someone got the package out of the trash and confirmed that yes, they were the trick candles. so as our billow of smoke continued to fill up the office, i filled a cup of water and quickly started putting the still lit candles inside. we were about to die laughing--

and then the frosting turned our teeth blue. always a good time.

i've gotten the opportunity to go on the "revolve tour" with several of our teenage girls, moms and other youth group sponsors next weekend. it's in greensboro, and it looks like it will be an awesome experience. very excited about this! you can find out more about the event at their website,


pepper found this warm spot between us last night. she was nice and comfy :)

it's going to be really really cold in the mountains this weekend. i think it's going to be really really cold everywhere, but i'm still looking forward to getting away. anyone else have big plans for the weekend?

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