Sunday, July 05, 2009

finding the field

there are some days i really enjoy living in eastern north carolina.

especially when i'm driving by those back-country roads that i frequent so often and spot a field of sunflowers.

and especially when i find a willing family to try it out (and the owner of the field is totally cool with it--trust me, i checked)...

well, you end up with pictures like these.

thanks, again, molly and lily (and amanda!)

and the flowers should be in bloom for the next few weeks---wanna book a session? let me know and we'll make it happen :)


  1. wow. I LOVE them! :)

    Thank you for letting us be your guinea pigs!

  2. wow, lauren! you are getting soooo good. i'm so proud of you. these are great. we might have to bring jonah for a trip to the sunflower fields when he's a toddler. i'm smitten.