Thursday, July 09, 2009

just FYI

this evening, i am en route to here:

with a bus-full of teenagers and other chaperones to see these concerts:




Jeremy Camp





David Crowder Band

Family Force 5

Hawk Nelson





Remedy Drive

Blue Eye Soul


Guest Speaker
Matt Pitt

Guest Speaker
Tom Richter

Guest Speaker
Jeremy Kingsley

and spend some time at the park and doing other cool things around richmond. i'm super-excited, though sad that justin had to stay behind and work (things are crazy at his office right now) and also sad to leave the animals--there's nothing more heart-wrenching (to me at this point in life) than to hear pepper whine or yelp in protest as i load up the car. i'm sure that will change some day, but right now, that's my version of heart-wrenching.

i haven't posted any this week because 1) it's been a sorta slow week and 2) i've been fielding e-mails and requests for photos! man, you guys are awesome. as i check out my flickr stats, it just amazes me that i had over 1,000 views of my photos on monday! i'm excited to plan some more photo shoots over the next few weeks, and i can't wait to share them with you. very excited about some newborn/sibling combos :)

i did make it out to the softball field the past couple of nights to watch my company's team in the playoffs. i also managed to catch the last half of the church team's game on tuesday, and it was fun to hang out with everyone at the park and enjoy the beautiful summer evening.

the church where we're staying is supposed to have internet access, so i may try to post some over the weekend. i will have the trusty blackberry, so i'll definitely try to update twitter and facebook regularly!

alright, that's it for now. later, y'all!