Friday, July 03, 2009

a night of live music

let us start with a couple of pictures of a pretty sunset i captured this past week. it includes the house in progress that wakes us up every weekend, has construction workers roaming around through out the day, and brings trash to our backyard. but the sunset is nice, right?
last night, after we finished our abbreviated (but crazy) work week, we headed downtown to have a delicious dinner at marathon. i love greek food, and could eat it quite regularly--except for the whole stuffed grape leaves thing. not appealing to me. but give me a greek salad, some cucumber sauce and pitas, and a kabob--and i'm a happy girl.

we then made our way down the street to the tipsy teapot, and i had to stop and take some pictures of the renovation work going on. the downtown area doesn't have the best reputation, especially after this past week when we had a double-murder during a drive-by shooting in front of one of the clubs. but there is so much potential, and the work being done on this theater and old shops shows some of the progress that's to come.
then it was time to see our friend jordan perform a two-hour set at the tipsy teapot. jordan is the worship leader at church and has become a good friend of ours. he and justin can always talk gaming, and i've enjoyed getting to know him through the music and worship ministry at church. his wife, becky, and i have also become pretty close with our mutual interests in crafts, couponing and reading. jordan is incredibly talented and it was awesome to hear him perform.
i was there to take pictures, and i met my senior project student jessica and had her taking pictures as well. it became a good practice on manual focus and lighting, and we discussed learning about shutter speeds and having her practice with the fireworks this weekend.
and there was a great crowd of locals and church people that came out to support jordan. so nice to hang out with everyone (and enjoy some delicious tea!)
today we're both off of work, and justin's making plans to see a movie with one of his friends. i've already been up since a little after 7, done my notes, made blueberry pancakes, taken pepper for a walk, uploaded about 80 photos, edited them, made these collages and written this blog post.

justin slept until 10:30 and just finished breakfast.

and just cause it's cute, i had to share pictures of our patriotic pup. the bandana came from her trip to the groomers this week, and justin says she looks like she belongs in a western movie with just the bandana, but when you add the t-shirt, it looks kinda redneck.
what can i say? she's proud.

hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend!

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