Wednesday, July 15, 2009

works for me!

i think it's "rocks in my dryer" who does "works for me wednesday," and though i've never participated, i have read about some pretty good ideas of how creative people can get to solve basic household problems.

*edit: it's not "rocks in my dryer" anymore but now "we are THAT family", which i didn't follow before, but might now. but just FYI if you want to find more "works for me wednesday"*

i've been making a conscious effort to accessorize more at work. with as many girls as we have at the office, we all enjoy shopping and i've found myself paying more attention to my earrings and necklaces instead of keeping the same things on all the time. one of my problems, though, is that i can easily spend 5 or 10 minutes in the morning untangling a necklace or trying to find the mate to an earring. frustrating and definitely a wrench in the whole "accessorizing" plan.

so i was at the dollar tree, there for my weekly shopping trip (seriously, i go about once a week, if not twice. i LOVE the dollar tree for work supplies and those random things i find just browsing) and they have school supplies out. i saw these desk organizers and thought that i could possibly put it to a better use than organizing our mail. besides, we already have one of those for that.
perfect! the wire mesh is great for post earrings or hooks, and then there's plenty of space for lining up the dangly earrings.

now about these...
i'm thinking i'll add a row of cuphooks on the tub wall for hanging up the necklaces. they're usually pretty inexpensive at lowes' or home depot, and i can just screw them in the wall without using the drill (though i know how to use the drill--years of habitat for humanity taught me well.)

so what creative ways have you found to organize things at home?

and more importantly, where do you like to shop for fun jewelry? always up for some new shopping spots for good deals on jewelry.


  1. My Forever Shopping post and Wedded Bliss post have info on good, affordable jewelry as well as how I hang my necklaces :) Become a follower!

  2. BRILLIANT organizing idea!!! Wow! :-D Thanks for sharing!!!