Thursday, July 30, 2009

this is a random one--

so bear with me.

i don't have any exact plan for how all of this will come out, but it eventually will and that's when i'll know how all these little bits of information floating around in my head will come out in writing.
we had a great time meeting our small group out at sunday in the park earlier this week. pepper and i have been to several of these concerts, but this time justin came with us and we joined our group for steel drums and reggae. i don't have any pictures because pepper was awful and barking and lunging and let's just say she put the "terror" in "terrier" that evening.


we tried again the next night when justin had to work late and we went out to the church league softball championship game. she did slightly better, but i did have to explain to several of the toddlers why "the doggie had to go in time-out" after she continually tugged on her leash and shook her head back and forth like she was viciously tearing the fibers apart stitch by stitch.

and so we walked around the field trying to get her energy out and watched as our team went on to victory. yay!
pepper will continue to have her outings with hopes that her behavior will improve. fingers crossed.


we got blueberries this weekend. they were huge.

my thumbnail for reference.

(see, i told you this was random. seriously, many apologies. but you were warned.)

in the past few days, i've booked two more weddings for 2010. i continue to be amazed at how many new clients or potential clients are coming in, and i foresee the fall being crazy busy with family sessions and senior portraits and bridals and engagements and... wow. the thought of it is exciting and a little overwhelming and i still have those moments where i can't believe how quickly this has picked up.

at the same time, my LCSW stuff is COMPLETE and turned in and now i just wait for my certificate to come in the mail and then that's it. i'm done. unless i want another certification (EMDR, anyone?) or my doctorate (cause how cool would that sound? dr. lauren... hmmm...) i'm there and wow. three years, a clinical exam and 3,000 hours later, the P-LCSW becomes LCSW and we're done.

and so i've got two really cool income-producing ventures, one which is my "career", the other which is my "artistic/creative outlet" that just so happens to earn money, and i love it. so long as they remain balanced and mutually conducive to maintaining my sanity.

cause we all like sanity.
and i love how the two interact, actually, because understanding people allows you to photograph them in a way that captures their true personalities.

working with children allows you to anticipate how they move, the adorable facial expressions they show in those quick moments.

keeping a cool head and handling a crisis situation can actually be extremely helpful at a wedding when the bride is about to lose it or the groomsmen can't figure out how to fold their pocket squares.

and patience, attention to detail and wanting to find the beauty or goodness in everything--well, that's what you need when you have 500 images to edit and about a dozen new actions that you want to try out, while also producing images that you know your client will love.

it all comes together. it all makes sense. and it's definitely working for me.

(on a side, but related note--if we discussed doing photos this fall, go ahead and contact me about scheduling some potential dates. i'm trying to get my calendar set so i can fit everyone in and also plan other vacation days/weekends away appropriately. thanks!)
we have two exciting events coming up this week--the coldplay concert on thursday in raleigh--soooo excited! this has ranked up as one of my top concert experiences in the past, and i cannot wait to see their show this year. in 2005, the big focus was the video wall that they used for the "speed of sound" video, and we're curious to see if they still travel with that or have something new. regardless, it should be an awesome concert and we've been waiting for this since we bought the tickets back in march.

and then we're headed down to myrtle beach for the weekend to spend some time with my family. mom and grandma will be down there all week, and alan, rachel, justin and i will be joining them for the weekend. also excited about this, just for the sake of getting down to the beach and spending some time with the family.

and who doesn't love myrtle beach?

okay, i think that's it.

hold on, has it been random enough?

gilmore girls re-runs make me happy.

trips to target to wander help clear my head.

and i really want sushi for dinner tomorrow night.

alright, that fulfills the randomness.

later :)

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