Saturday, July 25, 2009

quick post

i normally don't post twice in a day, but this'll be a quick one. just some photographic evidence of my day.

the goods i snagged from two different thrift stores. three chairs and a bar stool for $25. i plan on keeping the black chair the same, just gorilla gluing a few joints, and then painting the other three pieces white and then distress them a little bit. all planned for use in upcoming photo shoots.

the dime-sized hole that's now in my bumper thanks to a rear-end hit and run near the downtown area. he bumped me at a light, so i pulled over immediately after it turned green, expecting him to follow. he didn't. and my bumper took the screw off of his front vanity plate, apparently. and remember that house that was the bane of my existence? it's now the envy of the neighborhood with this massive deck that they're building. it's definitely twice the size of the normal decks that are built around here, and i'm betting a much better quality. my dad took one look at our deck after we moved in and said, "the people who built this didn't really care about how long the deck will last." and we agreed, knowing that it was a crew that probably put up six decks a day during a building spree in the neighborhood. heck, we had to get them to come back and put in nails that actually hit the joists, instead of being an inch or two off like they were the first time.
but this deck? it's gonna be nice...

alright, that's it for now.

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