Sunday, June 20, 2010

family photos

just add one family, a tripod and a release remote (love that thing, and only about $12, if i remember corectly.)

we've been at the beach this weekend...
hanging out with family and spending time together...
(which may or may not have included lots of outlet shopping for an unnamed little baby boy)
but before we all went our separate ways, we decided we needed family photos of all 10 (and half) of us.
and you can't waste beach backdrops and sunset lighting like this.

in honor of father's day, my husband (soon-to-be-father of our unborn son) wanted to share this little nugget of wisdom he found on his daily blog reads. i wholeheartedly agree with it and think every new father should read (and follow!) this list of tips.

and happy father's day! to all the dads out there, including our own and the one i love that is going to be one in a few short months.