Wednesday, June 30, 2010

worship music wednesday

this week, i went with a lincoln brewster song that i heard on pandora. if you don't know about pandora, you are missing out! still one of my favorite ways to find new music, and since i can stream it on my blackberry, it's always with me. great for long car trips or when i'm editing photos and needs some good background music :)

and i also wanted to share some of the photos from the may weddings that i recently finished editing, but didn't feel like adding them individually. so here they are in slideshow format from picnik (i'm going to have fun with their 4th of july stickers and fireworks effects when i do the monthly blog change tomorrow or friday--check 'em out!)

i have 3 weddings in july and my last one for the year in august. busy time! but exciting--i do love being there for the weddings, i just have a tough time editing all of those pictures at one time. the end result is worth it, though :)