Wednesday, June 02, 2010

memorial day weekend

we had a great memorial day weekend, with no major plans to start with. i put out a plea on facebook for someone to invite us to the beach for a night, and we actually got a couple of friends who invited us to one body of water or another. so we enjoyed a relaxing weekend at home and then spent memorial day off with friends.

friday night, we ate out at a new (well, new to us) barbeque place in town called pete's wycked grill. it was delicious and reminded us a lot of the place where we ate in savannah--we'll definitely be back again! afterwards, we headed to the ollie's that had just opened up last week. i've been to one before and found some great deals for work. i wasn't dissapointed--i got several games to use for work, and some books for the baby to enjoy. i can't wait to get a bookshelf full and i know i'll enjoy reading to our child. so cool to pick out some books for that.

saturday, we spent the morning around the house and headed out in the afternoon to see a movie (finally got to see iron man 2) and do grocery shopping. we ended up going wild at the fresh market and choosing our dinner there--ribeye steaks, vegetable kabobs and roasted potatoes...mmmm....

i've also been trying out a variety of natural sodas, since i'm trying to stay away from caffeine and aspartame (aspartame is in a lot of the stuff i normally drink, like crystal light--sigh.) i've been making my own by combining juices and sparkling water (actually pretty good) and ones i can find at the stores, like the izze soda you see in the background here. really tasty and a nice treat for dinner!

we've tried to spend time outside, too, taking in beautiful sunsets like this one.
sunday, we went to church and enjoyed a guest speaker--one of the preachers that was here in greenville when i first came to college! it was wonderful to see carl again and his family, as well as many familiar faces at church.

after lunch, we hit the road for lake gaston, near the virginia border. it only took a couple of hours to get there, and we tracked down lynn, josh and her family there at the lake.

josh was having a blast in his boat on the dock--

and we were enjoying the water! it felt so good to swim, especially after i'd been warm all day. lynn's friends were nice enough to invite us to go to tubing, so we took turns and i let justin go with the guys first--i think that's him trailing behind the boat in this picture...
pepper and i just hung out at the dock--she did really well with all of the people there and only "explored" away from us a couple of times. we had a long rope to keep her tied up, but she kept getting it wrapped around all of the chairs and posts on the dock. she got in the water (against her own will) a couple of times and would swim to one of us in the water, then back to the person on the dock.
then it was my turn to go out on the boat, along with lynn, josh, and lynn's sister in law kate.
they promised me that they'd take it easy on me (being that i have a 17 week-old baby in my belly) so i managed to convince kate to join me on the tube. she was less than thrilled, but hung on for a couple of minutes!
it was my first time tubing, so i was glad they were taking it easy. i had a great time (though my arms definitely felt it over the next few days.)

then it was lynn and josh's turn--roy's son aaron rode with them to keep the tube balanced. we puttered along with them back into the dock.
the next day, we visited another friend's house to enjoy their pool by the lake. again--so good to swim! i will have to find a pool to enjoy regularly this summer...

josh was super cute in and out of the pool...
and justin and i joked about what i'll look like in just a few months--the pool basketball came in handy :)
and "delivering" the "baby."
before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head home. what a great, relaxing weekend with awesome friends! we're so grateful to lynn and her family for inviting us up there, and we can't wait to go back :)