Saturday, May 23, 2009

birthday celebration

last night, we celebrated my sister-in-law heather's birthday with an awesome sushi dinner at tokyo japan. for the record, justin and i love some hibachi and tempura but that's typically where the extent of our japanese food experience ends. we were courageous, though, and tried several different sushi rolls--california, philadelphia and just for me--a sweet potato roll that was just delicious!

justin doesn't usually use chopsticks when we eat asian food (i use them all the time) so we had a quick chopstick lesson and then practiced picking up the rolls and eating them in one quick bite.
heather enjoyed a dessert of green tea ice cream (good stuff!) and wylie was sweet and brought a candle along for her to blow out. we'll celebrate again this weekend when we go down to the beach with justin's family on sunday night.

finally, we made a quick trip over to our new office space this week. though i didn't get to see inside, we got a view of the outside. we'll be moving in july, and we are all so excited about having more space! it's only a few blocks from our current office, so it won't be a huge change as far as where we are in town--just twice as much square footage.

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