Tuesday, May 05, 2009

had to put in a plug

so i follow a number of blogs, particularly a number of photography blogs. i scroll through probably a couple of hundred pictures a day, getting to see the portfolios and pictures from the sessions of photographers across the country. i get lots of great ideas, plenty of potential poses and prop uses, and some examples of post processing that i would love to try out.

so one of my favorite photographers, lauren clark, has been talking about their annual "love affair workshop" for a while now--and though i'm not sure i could justify the full price of the workshop on its own--i could totally go for a...scholarship contest!

in the meantime, i'm adding a few more blogs to my feed reader (and discovering that some of them are close by! like millie holloman down in wilmington--so cool to see some familiar sights :) ) and figuring out that laurie crutchfield, one of the local photographers here at home, attended last year.

i want to learn more--and i want to take any opportunity to move my photography further. so if this is my opportunity... well, we'll just wait and see what happens.

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  1. hope you get to go! i hadn't ever looked at the blogs you had linked on your sidebar until a couple days ago... and now i'm sort of obsessed. really, i wonder how many pictures i've looked at in the last 2 days. it's like photography heaven.... :)