Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day weekend, continued...

so after our sushi adventure on friday night, we enjoyed a lazy saturday morning and busy saturday afternoon. at the last minute, we decided to have some friends over for a cook-out saturday night, so we cleaned the house and grocery shopped to get ready for grilling out. after hanging out on the back porch and enjoying our dinner of hotdogs and hamburgers, we headed back inside for some rock band with everyone.
always a good time with this crew :)

on sunday, i sang with the praise band for the first time during worship and had a great time. they're adding several new people to the rotation, and with it being a holiday weekend and a few of the regulars out of town, i got to jump on in. we typically have our main worship leader, jordan, and two female vocalists (one soprano and one alto) along with the full band of electric and acoustic guitar, piano and drums. it's so awesome to be a part of the worship service in that way and i'm excited about doing it again through out the summer.

after church and lunch, we headed down to the beach for the evening. justin's mom and stepdad rented a condo for the week and had invited us down whenever we could make it. sunday night worked out perfectly, and we made it there with plenty of time to go down to the beach.
i'll admit, when i first got down there, i felt the water and said, "nope, still too cold." (we hadn't even put on swimsuit the previous weekend cause it was so chilly.) but on second visit (and spotting the kids out in the water--hey, if they could handle it, i could) i made the long wade out into the water.

(justin took pictures just to prove it, but my swimsuit-clad behind isn't blog worthy at the moment. i'm sure he might argue that his saturday morning bed-head wasn't blog worthy, but hey, it's my blog and my behind.)

so instead, we have my "whoa, the waves are big and scary picture." which they were.
we also made it back in the water on monday, this time with a boogie board. still big and scary, but now rideable.

also on sunday night, we celebrated heather's birthday again, this time with a dairy queen ice cream cake. not quite as exotic as green tea ice cream, but still just as delicious.
we had a fun time playing board games that evening, especially catchphrase and outburst. let me share that my husband does a great job of throwing everyone off with crazy answers during catchphrase (where your teammate tries to get you to guess a word by giving you clues). our favorites?
wylie: okay, world topics. you know OPEC?
justin: non-transparent, yup.

we laughed so hard during those games and it was great way to end the night. the next morning, we had a delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy and then spent the rest of the morning on the beach. by the time we made it back in for lunch, we were exhausted from boogie boarding, turning pink from the sun and very aware of our two-hour drive back home. so we got cleaned up, packed the car and stopped by the pier to take one more picture before beginning the drive home.a special thanks to amber and steve, who pet-sat pepper for the night. she had the best time with saydee and sophee and slept like a rock last night. she definitely enjoyed her slumber party!

and now it's back into the short week. if today is any indication of what the rest of the week will be like, we're in for a doozy.

so how was your memorial day?

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