Wednesday, May 27, 2009

why i won't be watching Jon and Kate+8 anymore

shocking, i know. (and somewhere, justin is doing the fist pump "yes!")
but i feel like if the rest of the season is as depressing as the premiere was--if we are essentially going to be witnessing the demolition of their marriage--then i don't want to be a part of that. i don't want to be a viewer that TLC is counting on to increase ratings, purchase books or buy DVDs. i don't want to be someone who's drawn in by tabloid headlines, who is judging a couple that is living their lives in a complete fishbowl, or drawing my own conclusion about this family's very personal, very real problems.
i guess as someone who deals with problems--emotional, family, marital, whatever--for a living, then my "entertainment" shouldn't end with me wishing i could get that family into counseling. and even though many fictional shows and movies include very "real" problems, it's different than this. i'd even venture to say that this show has kept things more "real" than other reality shows (ie: the hills, etc.)
i've been watching this show from the beginning--honestly, they fascinate me (as most unique families situations do.) i know way more information about them than most TV families, and i'm constantly reminded that they are a real family, they live just a few hours from me, and one day, these adorable children will be grown up, dealing with the repercussions of their childhood "fame." as one other blogger said, "will they really be happy to have their parents' divorce on DVD to remember?"

so they're getting off of my DVR list and rather than focusing on their marriage problems, i'll spend that time focusing on my own life, my own family, my own home. maybe that's what jon and kate should do, too...

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  1. I completely. I don't care how much money they make per episode. Their children should not have to go through their parents' personal issues displayed for the entire world to see. Sometime adults really forget what's right and wrong.