Sunday, May 31, 2009

a quick weekend

where did the weekend go? i feel like it was just friday, and now we're getting ready for another monday. i suppose when you stay busy and travel a minimum of two hours away every weekend for the past three weekends, it'll catch up to you. but we had a great time and are getting our plans in line for the next couple of weekends as well. summer is definitely here!

on friday evening, justin and i enjoyed a great dinner at east coast wings and grill and then walked down to the movie theater for an evening show. justin has been wanting to see "star trek" for the past couple of weeks, and as much as i typically love to oblige my husband, i am occasionally hesitant when it means paying nearly $9 for a movie that i'm not really interested in. but i had agreed to see it for him, until he realized that it had been downgraded from digital projection theater to one of the smaller ones. so instead, we decided to see "up" in 3d, which was much more my speed. i love pixar movies and i think they did a great job with this one. and the 3d effects were totally worth it!
on saturday morning, i got up and went to a nikon seminar hosted by ASAP photo and camera. they had an official nikon representative come in to do a couple of presentations, and i learned a lot about different features that i had just never really explored before. dianne also came with me, and she has taken several great pictures of the birds around her house. she got a new d60 for mother's day and has had lots of fun figuring it out.

after that, we headed out to fayetteville to celebrate my brother's birthday. he turned 23 last week and we had a big dinner on saturday night at grandma's.

he enjoyed looking through one of his presents, a big book on "down east" history and the communities down there. he also got a couple of polo shirts and a watercolor print of the beaufort waterfront.
and pepper did really well the whole weekend. she was very sweet to everybody, and after having her break out of her gated area the past few times, we tried keeping her in her kennel at night in our room. worked like a charm :)
after church this morning, we enjoyed a covered-dish lunch--i love potlucks!--and then later on this afternoon, mom and i went to the big dollar tree. i considered taking pictures of both of these things, but decided against it since it may look a little odd. i know i have sung the praises of this dollar tree before, but everytime, i just rack up with great stuff! this time it was more great craft stuff and games for my clients, a collapsible dog bowl for pepper, a new spray bottle for the cats and some fruity body wash. if we had a dollar tree with this kind of selection, it would be...i can't decide between awesome or really bad on our budget. but it is just the dollar tree, so it wouldn't be a huge dent.

and now it's the week before public school is out, which means in a matter of days, our schedule is going to change DRASTICALLY. and i love it.

but is tomorrow really monday again? sheesh.

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