Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a visit with joshua (and lynn and david)

after our walk yesterday afternoon (where lynn pointedly decided she was "going to walk this baby out") she apparently did.

no mention of contractions at TNT last night, no tell-tale pains in her back--but when her water broke yesterday evening around 11 pm, josh decided to make his entrance (and with only 5 hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing, mind you!)

i headed over to the hospital during my lunch break today and snapped just a few pictures of this new little guy.

welcome to the world, joshua. you've got some awesome parents, and a wonderful church family that will be here for you no matter what.


  1. Lauren!!!! TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the joy of this baby's much anticipated arrival!!!

  2. Awesome pictures Lauren!! And I agree with Amanda....we've been hoping and praying for this little guy for quite some time now. So happy he's finally here!

    You mentioned doing some pictures of Ayden....we'd like to take you up on that. Let us know what you need from us (as far as payment, time/place, etc.) Hopefully we can get together on those soon!