Thursday, March 18, 2010

the best part of spring

it's not just the warmer days and nights where it stay light out a little bit longer.

i can't even say that it's the budding flowers.

the best part is.... the Easter candy.

seriously, of all the holidays with "specialty" candy, Easter is my favorite. it has--by far--the best seasonal candy.

for example, you can get dove chocolates all year round, but dove dark chocolate eggs? just better, for some reason.
and these... oh, cadbury mini eggs, be still my heart.
i also feel that all reese's in seasonal shapes are better. more peanut butter (and i love my peanut butter), less chocolate, but it's still a good balance.
and these go so fast in our house, it's not even funny. even though i am a huge jelly belly fan, i can go through a bag of starburst jelly beans pretty quickly.
but the new one this year that i just may have to try--chocolate-covered peeps? i used to like peeps a lot more than i do now. these days, they're just a little too much sugar for me (believe it or not) but i don't know how i feel about adding chocolate to the mix, too.
what's your favorite seasonal candy?