Saturday, March 13, 2010

letting you in on a secret

(i love looking at maternity clothes.)

i will not realistically need them for a couple more months, but i cannot help putting together my wardrobe for the summer and fall right now, just waiting for the time when i will have a belly to fill out those shirts or need those crazy wide maternity panels on pants and skirts.

i have already started to purchase a few things, and then there are many that are on my "list." and then there's also the arrival of garbage bags and storage totes of maternity clothes that have been promised to me by my friends--and i am ever so thankful for those! i've already gone through one set and have found some great things that will work for later on this year :)

so, here's what i'm looking at:

believe it or not, walmart has a decent selection of clothes and at some amazing prices. i've already ordered this dress:

for $10! also at the $10 price range--this denim skirt.

denim skirts have been a focus so far because that's what i live in for most of the summer. so between my online store purchases and a few well-placed bids on ebay, i have 3 or 4 skirts so far.

i haven't found many shorts yet that i love. kohl's has this pair of bermuda style shorts, but only with a full panel (which i won't need when i need the shorts) but could be good for late august/september.
and i think this dress is adorable (and i love this color, too--also at kohl's)
i did make one purchase that will carry me through until i need more "real" maternity clothes--i found these pairs of pants at kohl's that are in the misses section (and regular misses sizes) but feature a wide elastic waistband. perfect! (bought 2 pairs online in addition to the pair i found on clearance in the store.)
at target, i've browsed their maternity section some and know that i'll use them (or old navy) to buy some basic tanks.
i also thought this dress was so cute and another great color--knowing that i'll be really showing in july and august has led me to many dresses. i think they're just light and airy and will be the most comfortable.
(no heels though. please.)

and this tank top caught my eye, though i'm a little concerned about the thin straps. maybe layering another tank underneath?
i had gotten an old navy gift card for my birthday and have already used it to buy a few things. i love their stuff and am looking forward to making a couple more purchases later on.

the knot detail on this is gorgeous! love the little touches like that...

can't decide what i think of this one-- love the color, but will the ruffles be too much? i think i could pull it off...
this one is so me. it's going on the list!
i've actually already gotten the kelly green version of this dress and love it. a little thing, but with the right layering underneath, it will be perfect for a spring/summer outfit. i do need to find some light shrugs or jackets for wearing these dresses to work.

and i love the color and smocking detail on this maxi dress. i'll also check the misses sections for maxi dresses, since they will really work fine through the summer and even if they do get shorter as my bump gets bigger--that's okay, they're typically too long on me anyway!
finally, several of the blogs that i follow have featured milan maternity and they have some great designs for tops! huge fan of the rows of ruffles on this one....
and the embroidered detail is just stunning here. it's layered over a white tank and i just LOVE this look.
what are some other maternity places i should check out?