Sunday, March 07, 2010

covering the basics

-yes, we're super-excited and thrilled and anxious and we'd be lying if we said we weren't a little bit scared (aren't all new parents?) but definitely felt "ready" for this next step together. we're blessed to have many (many many) friends with little ones right now, and the more we were around them, the more we grew to the idea of having one of our own.

-after riding a few rollercoasters at disney, of course. i wasn't going to go to disney and not feel comfortable riding space mountain and expedition everest. there are some priorities that i have, and safety while riding rollercoasters is one of them :)

-estimated due date is around the first week of november. i haven't had my first doctor's appointment yet, but will in a couple of weeks. all of my friends say that i could play dumb and pretend like i don't know the exact date we got pregnant in order to get a possible ultrasound at that first appointment. jury's still out on that one. what do y'all think?

-and yes, if you're doing the math, we're incredibly early right now. like 5-6 weeks. i read lots of opinions on waiting until the first trimester is over, telling close family until then, etc., etc., etc. in the end, it was about what was right for us and our family. we have lots of brand-new grandparents that were so excited they couldn't wait to tell everyone--so we decided to go ahead and spill it. with that being said, obviously we're still in the nerve-wracking stage where we know anything could happen. prayers would be appreciated and welcomed. we just want a happy, healthy baby.

-we honestly don't care whether it's a boy or a girl. so many people have asked me that, and even though i used to have an answer (a girl), i've been around so many adorable little boys lately that i'm truly fine either way. besides, it's not like we can change that now or have any control over it. the way i see it, i wouldn't want to get my hopes up one way or the other and be disappointed. so we're not. it's our first one, we both grew up with one sibling of the opposite sex (justin has a sister, i have a brother) so we're just good either way.

-i'm feeling great. no nausea or fatigue so far. the biggest thing that's been affected is my appetite--i can't miss a meal! or a snack, for that matter. and i'm having a little bit of the mommy brain--can we say forgotten camera last weekend? i'm getting into the habit of writing everything down and full relying on lists and post-its to help me make it through the day. the explanations for this have nothing to do with chemical changes or horomones or anything. it seems that you just have one more (HUGE) thing to think about, and sometimes that pushes other stuff out of your brain. makes sense to me. oh, and i already had an incredible sense of smell, and now it's just intensified. by 100x. and occasionally completely fails me by causing me to smell something that's not there. crazy nose.

-and no names yet. we have lots that we are interested in, but goodness, it's early for that. in time, in time...

did i cover most of your questions? are there any others out there?