Wednesday, December 14, 2011

holiday fun

we've been staying busy with various holiday events lately. i'll be using the posts this week to try and document some of them, if not just showing off davis's Christmas outfits. like this snowman onesie that i had to have from carter's....

and after taking these photos last year of davis in awe of the tree....
it was only fitting that we recreate this year's version (with a much more active little boy who couldn't wait to get his hands on the ornaments!)

a little different, wouldn't you say?

hard to believe that my dark-haired baby has grown into this blond-haired little boy.

i took an afternoon off last week to do some shopping and decided to bring davis with me. we ended up on campus with hopes of getting his picture taken with the school mascot--but alas, no luck. the store was so crowded and the mascot wasn't there while we were shopping, and we didn't have the patience to stick around until he got there. so we got our gifts (even bypassed the free gift wrap because the line was backed up) and stopped in to say hello to some of my co-workers, who were meeting davis for the first time.

before we headed home, we stopped at the convention center to see the festival of trees. one of my friends had posted about doing this with her son, and it seemed like a nice idea. but i'm not sure davis was able to truly appreciate it....
more photos tomorrow--from this past weekend's Christmas parade!

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  1. precious <3
    he is so grown up but oh so cute! i love the one of him & your husband with the tree in the background.