Thursday, December 22, 2011

sick day

i've been very stingy with my vacation/sick time at my new job. after our family beach trip in september, where i had to use a good chunk right away, i've been trying to hoard it up and had yet to use a whole sick day. but a couple of days ago, davis's regular sitter wasn't able to keep him and my schedule at work was light (and i knew it would drive me nuts to find someone else to watch him and then go to work and think about him at home) AND he needed to be watched anyways to make sure the stomach bug hadn't been passed to him and i didn't want anyone else's family possibly exposed to i used a sick day.

and it was rainy so we couldn't play outside, so i got to see what mischief this little man can get into inside when left to explore.

 like climbing into the bottom drawer of the oven with all of the cookie sheets and baking pans.
(this was after he spilled all of the cats' water bowls--and broke one of them--and before he climbed into a couple of cardboard boxes and got stuck)
 yeah, we're going to have our hands full as he continues to get bigger, taller, stronger and more inquistive...but that sweet smile is worth it!

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