Monday, December 05, 2011

we're still here...

i had these photos prepared and loaded on the blog over a week ago...but alas, life got away from me. so here are some photos from last month with the promise of updating the blog over the coming week to get us caught up to speed. cause you don't want to miss the holidays with a one year old :)

it was love at first sight--a full container of mac and cheese. he could turn into a macaroni noodle. or a blueberry (yes, we're still on a blueberry kick. we've added clementine oranges to the mix, too.)

our first baby still loves to get her lap time in with justin. also note milo on the back of the couch here. i tried to get a picture of grace when she jumped up to sit on justin's legs, but she didn't stay for too long. 

and finally, a couple of videos of our little man. the first one showcases one of his latest tricks. he will now "help" you feed him by dipping his spoon in the jar/container and bringing it to his mouth. and act like the proudest little boy ever.

and this last one is a long one, but it gives you a good look into our family birthday party a few weeks ago. so pull up a chair and pretend like you were in our living room, watching him poke at his cake. (he still never really got into it, but he loved having an audience!)

i'll try to be back later this week with a thanksgiving post, as well as some photos of our Christmas decorations :) thank you for being patient with me. it still amazes me that i continue to have people checking in when i know it's been a long time since i've posted. after i get through editing my most recent round of photo shoots, i'm hoping to be back on track for a while!

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