Tuesday, December 06, 2011

savoring the moments

i remember it clearly--a desire to snuggle with a sleeping baby. i think it may have been my maternal instincts coming out, but it seemed like such a sweet way to connect between parent and child. listening to the soft sighs, feeling them relax against you as they gave way to sleep, the ultimate comfort and being able to share that. 

i was traveling to the beach a couple of years ago to do a family portrait session and staying with my friend lynn and her family when their son josh was just three months old. before i left the next morning, i popped my head into their room to say goodbye, and lynn and josh were curled up on the bed napping, his little body fitting just perfectly in the curve of hers. it was an intimate moment, and i almost felt like i had barged in on something unexpectedly. but i think it was more of the recognition of the moment and how a mother treasures little snapshots of life like that.

and so it was this weekend. i have purposefully tried to make the most out of our weekends, soaking up every minute with davis and making sure the short time doesn't pass us by with any regrets or missed opportunities. it's being deliberate about truly being "there" when we're together. and so he woke up in the middle of his morning nap, upset because the sound machine had turned off suddenly and the noise from the washer going in the laundry room woke him up. i bounced him back to sleep (we still bounce him on an exercise ball to help him fall asleep for naps--yes, i know, but it's still working so we're not motivated enough to change it just for our weekend naps with him) and rather than trying to put him back down so i could continue with cleaning or getting Christmas decorations out, i decided to curl up with him on the bed. just as we've done many times before, savoring the moment with him as he turned to find his comfortable position (on his stomach--just like his mama) until with a big sigh--he was out. and i thought to myself, "everything else can wait. this is where i need to be."