Thursday, December 15, 2011

we love a parade!

last weekend, we decided to try and make it to our local town's Christmas parade. my brother's band was marching in another one that was about 10 minutes away, but it was at 10 am and smack dab in the middle of davis's morning nap (and it was still pretty chilly at that hour.) so we decided to wait instead for this afternoon parade. we found a parking spot and walked a couple of blocks over to the parade route. davis was all set for the event....

and we ran into my dear friend lisa and her son matthew! her husband and oldest son ethan were in the parade with his cub scout troop.

lisa has two boys and has been awesome at giving us hand-me-downs for clothes and toys. the hat davis was wearing kept sliding around on his head as he sat in the the stroller, and lisa offered us this hat that she had just tried on matthew (and was too small for him.) it was just perfect and soooo adorable!
before we knew it, the parade was headed our way. i love small town parades, and this was one a great example of them. small businesses, 4-h clubs and boy/girl scouts, tiny marching bands and ROTC groups, and lots of homemade floats :) davis was holding on tight to the candy they were throwing out....
we had shriner cars...
ATV/4-wheeler clubs (complete with a mounted deer on the grill wearing a red nose and santa hat)
and dressed up doggies along for the ride--we loved this santa daschund!
i thought the poinsettia garlands on this horse were beautiful.

but this was my favorite. a 4-h group came along with horses and carriages, including the full nativity walking behind them. they had a minature pony that a very pregnant mary rode side-saddle while joseph was leading the way. cutest thing in the whole parade :)

christmas parade with the family? check!

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  1. hometown parades are the best...i remember going to the ECU parade and loving every single minute of it :) christmas parties are even better!