Sunday, February 28, 2010

the big day!

it was a whirlwind day for all of us.
there were games to be set up, cotton candy to be spun, faces to be painted, and a birthday boy to celebrated :)
i would shower you with tons and tons of photos from the day but there were 2 problems with this.

#1--i forgot my big camera. it was left at home, gathering dust and certainly not taking pictures. so i was stuck with my little pocketbook camera and borrowing other cameras when i could get my hands on them.

#2--"get my hands on them" is also a way of saying "when those hands weren't face-painting" which they were doing about 80% of the time. honestly, even if the camera was there, i had very little time to photograph. and i love face-painting (especially with my new snazaroo face paint--highly recommended by my friend becky)

it was the best "county fair" themed party i've ever attended, and i'm sure many of the families and kids would agree. such a fantastic afternoon, featuring a petting zoo, lots of games and prizes...

and one of the cutest cakes ever!
check out the details...whoa. so adorable!
i managed to get up from my table in time to snap a couple of pictures of the big cake cutting. jonah wasn't quite sure what to do with his cake...
but he eventually started getting into it!

i think the biggest thing for me was meeting so many people from patrice's "community." and i'm not just saying her friends at church or where she used to work--i mean, every aspect was represented, from family to blog readers and supporters in the EB world. the cake was made by one of the first people who contacted her from dEBra, someone who has EB herself and drove all the way from florida to deliver his cake. i had women hug me and tell me that they hop over to my blog from patrice's and how much they enjoy reading about my adventures with the youth group kids. and her family, those of us who sat together last year and took over waiting rooms, playing scrabble and watching dvds and showed our love and support for jonah in whatever way we could while he was just hours and days old.

perhaps it's cliche (it is, but bear with me)--the saying that "it takes a village to raise a child"?

i think it was wonderfully and perfectly represented on saturday with jonah and his community, his village.

alright, patrice. what's the plan for next year? cause i have no idea how you're going to top this one, but i'm sure it can be done. 364 days to start planning...